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Liquid Analysis

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Liquid Analytical Transmitters

Nivelco AnaCONT LE
Nivelco AnaCONT LE
pH and ORP transmitters

Compact and integrated versions
Separated versions (up to 10m)
Measuring range:
pH: 0-14
ORP: -1000...+1000 mV
Wide range of probes
Graphic display
4-20 mA, HART, relay output
DataLogger function
IP68 protection
Ex version
Wide range of accessories

Water industry
Wastewater industry
Pharmaceutical industry
Chemical industry
Food and beverage
Power industry

pH range: 014pH; reserve: 2pH
ORP range: -1000+1000 mV
Power supply: 12,5-36 V DC
Ambient temperature: -30C .. +70C
Medium temperature: -15C .. +100C
Output: 4-20 mA, relay, HART
Protection: IP 67/68
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Nivelco AnaCONT LEK / LCK
Nivelco AnaCONT LEK / LCK
Conductivity transmitter

Two wire compact transmitter
Wide range of measurement
Plug-in dot matrix field indicator
Blind version with IP68 protection
Temperature compensated
DataLogger function
Wide selection of accessories
HART communication
Power relay output, programmable
Explosion-proof models

Potable water production
Water processing
Water purification
Swimming pools
Pharmaceutical and chemical industries
Food and beverage industries

Power supply: 12-36 V DC
Ambient temperature: -20+70 C
Medium temperature: max. +90 C
Pressure: max. 16 bar
Measuring ranges:
1S/cm 20S/cm
10S/cm 200S/cm
100S/cm 2000S/cm
Output: 420mA, relay, HART
Protection: IP67, IP68
Approval: ATEX Ex II 1G EEx ia IIB T6
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Nivelco AnaCONT LED
Nivelco AnaCONT LED
Dissolved oxygen transmitter

2-wire compact transmitter
0-20ppm measuring range
Replaceable probes
Probe and electronics separation up to 10m
Temperature compensation
Graphic display
HART communication
Ex versions

Quality control of surface water
Water treatment
Waste water processing
Aeration control of drinking water

Power supply: 12-36VDC
Measuring range: 0-10ppm; 0-20ppm
Process temperature: 0-50C
Process pressure: 1 bar
Temp. measurement: -50C+130C
Output: 4-20mA, HART, Relay
Display: SAP-300
Protection: IP67
Approval: ATEX Ex II1G EEx ia IIB T6
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